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Years Serving The Panhandle


Square Foot Fabrication Facility & Slab Gallery

Emerald Coast Fabrication

Emerald Coast Fabrication was founded by Jim and Wendy Tatanish in 1994.

Their mission since day one was to provide the highest quality, granite, marble, and quartz counter tops imaginable to Florida Panhandle builders and home owners.

Crystaline Stone • Nature Evolved

Developed in the course of 10 years of research, Crytaline Stone’s InterCrystaline technology allows for the molecular change of the crystal’s colors in a total and permanent way. This process allows for the alteration of slabs of stone in virtually any color, and the design of logos and patterns inside. Emerald Coast Fabrication is the distributor for Crystaline Stone for the Florida Panhandle, South Alabama & Georgia.

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